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Zone Mods Premium Noise Damping Set - Lancool K56N

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In PC, there are various noise sources that contain with traditional solutions such as speed reduction and decoupling, but can not turn off completely. Who at this point is, that already has taken several measures, but still not satisfied with the result, which should consider the possibility of housing insulation into account. Also recommended is this method in order to avoid a complete solution may be more complex single conversions.
The starting point is the noise in all cases, a specific form of motion or vibration, the air to vibrate, but also will be simultaneously broadcast on the hardware itself and elsewhere in turn stimulates air. Fan rotation example, leads to vibrations that are transmitted over the frame and the air to the computer case, this resonate to stimulate, whereby it is also used for noise source.
Particularly effective is the sound absorption in the frequency range 1800-3500 Hz between 1,200 and 6,000 Hz are at least 40 percent more than the sound at 400 Hz and swallowed at least ten percent. With these properties, a wide range is covered. Especially the high-frequency noise annoying many fans will be reduced very effectively. Lower frequencies as Dröhngeräusche are indeed less absorbed by the material itself, but also minimized by the weight.
Note: Please note that may be less because of the insulation batts, the space inside the housing. Thus, under certain circumstances, the laying of cables behind the Mainboardtray compared to non-insulated version is only limited.
 • Suitable for: Lancool K56N
 • content (tailored mats):
 1x front left side panel
 1x rear left side panel
 1x right side of the front
 1x rear right side panel
 1x front
 1x floor front (less than 5.25-inch drive bay)
 1x middle ground
 1x floor rear (PSU slot)
 1x cap
 1x back up (fan slot)
 1x rear center (in addition to PCI slots)
 1x back down (along with power supply)
 • Material:
 PUR-ester foam acoustics
 Finely perforated leather (top)
 Self-adhesive backing
 • Color: Black
 • sound absorption per frequency range:
 > 80%: 1.800 - 3.500 Hz
 > 40%: 1,200 - 6,000 Hz
 • Temperature resistance: - 40 to + 100 ° C
 • Thermal conductivity: 0.04 W / (m * K) at 10 ° C.
 • Properties:
 Good acoustic effect
 Attractive appearance

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