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Thermal Grizzly Pad Minus 8-120 × 20 × 0.5 mm

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To achieve these objectives, Thermal Grizzly has worked in product development closely related to the famous Extreme overclockers novel "der8auer" Hartung and tested, developed chemical compositions and analyzing competitors. Now, the first product lines are completed, which are also the highest demands of the manufacturer and the overclocking community justice.

For applications where thermal grease does not come due to unwieldy plot in question or where distances have to be bridged between the heat source and heat sink, the thermal Grizzly Pad Minus 8 is the ideal choice - for example, memory chips and voltage transformers. It is based on a silicone-containing carrier complex and alumina as a heat transfer medium - as well as thermal compounds, and it is thus also similar powerful.

The minus pad 8 is available in three different sizes - available in four strengths, and between 0.5 and 2 millimeters, the pads work great even at very low pressure and the thermal conductivity is only slightly affected by the strength - here 120 × 20 mm. The choice of thickness should depend only on the gap to be bridged here so.

Technical Details:

    Dimensions 120 x 20 x 0.5 mm
    Number: 1
    Thermal conductivity: 8 W / (m · K)
    Operating temperature: -100 to +200 ° C

EAN: 0753677507289

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