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Shrink tubing (3/1) 19mm - white, 1m

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The procedure is as follows: First, the terminals are disconnected from the cables, what is necessary depending on the connection special tools. If present, then the jacket sleeve is removed and cut the cable if necessary. Now, the new sleeve with adapted length are pulled over the cable. Well, short pieces of shrink tubing over the beginning and end of the cable pulled and tied up the connection again. When heated, it contracts the shrink tube, sealed the transition and prevents fraying of the braided sleeve.

We expressly point out that the modifications take a guaranteed loss of the power supply according to the modifications done at your own risk and we accept no liability.

This is a particularly opaque and thick 3:1 heat shrink tubing with 19.1 mm diameter in white. When heated, it shrinks so within a factor of three, so the minimum diameter of about 6.1 mm. The wall thickness is 1 mm in the shrunken state. The ordered quantity corresponds to the length of heat shrink tubing in meters, and this is delivered in one piece.

To get a taste of the possible end result, Figure 2-4 shows sleeved cable ready with shrink tubing and the possible color variations. The illustrated sleeves, cable and fan are not included.

Technical details:
Standard diameter: 19.1 mm
Diameter shrinking: 6.1 mm min
Wall thickness: 1 mm
Length: 1 m
Color: White

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