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Prolimatech PK-2 Nano Aluminium Thermal Paste - 1.5g
Prolimatech PK-2 Nano Aluminium Thermal Paste - 1.5g

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With the Prolimatech PK-1 lifted a thermally conductive paste from the baptism that was on the spot with the best of what the market has to offer and at the very top class it in the rankings.

The PK-1 is still a great choice when it comes to optimum heat from a CPU or GPU to a radiator dissipate, whether Gastec products or Prolimatechs own winner-types a la Megahalems, Armageddon, Genesis and Co.

But the competition never sleeps and it is about time, new, further improved "thermal compounds" into the game in order to continue to remain at the forefront of the cooling tip.

The PK-2 is a particularly handy thermal compound, the (= relatively low viscosity) due to their low viscosity, easy and above all, extremely thin - but still good coverage - can be spread on a heatspreader.

Nevertheless, they also includes top values ​​in terms of thermal conductivity (10.2 W/m- ° C) or heat resistance (0.015 ° C-in ² / W). In addition, the PK-2 non-conductive, non-corrosive and dries almost never.

The small 1.5-gram tube, which should be sufficient for some, saving applications, also a small rectangular cardboard disc is added, with the PK-2 can be spread evenly.

Technical details:

     Quantity: 1.5 g
     Density: 2.5 g / cm ³
     Adhesion: 250,000 cps
     Thermal Resistance: 0.015 ° C-in ² / W
     Thermal conductivity: 10.2 ° C W/m-
     Scope of supply:
     Tube with PK-2
     Cardboard disc for easy sharing

EAN: 4711552410006

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