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Lamptron HDD Rubber Screws PRO - UV Green

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Hard drives and optical drives for their produce rotating magnetic disks or disksnecessarily vibrations that they pass through the fortifications of the housing and thusbring this also to vibrate. The result is a noise, which is usually highly than roar.

In order to prevent said vibration transmission and to reduce the noise, the drives shouldbe decoupled from the housing. Unlike most solutions offered here can be used universally in any 3.5-inch and 5.25 inch shaft to install at the same time simple and veryinexpensive.

Screws The screws normally used to replace it. The effect of the vibration damping is generated by a rubber ring. This is either simply screwed from the outside against the shaft or performed with a central recess in a correspondingly larger opening. Second-mentioned method is the more efficient in order to dampen the vibration transmission, as there is no direct metal contact and can absorb the movements of the rubber better.

In this version of said rubber also colored green and glows under UV light as well. Thisensures not only the vibration damping system for a quieter, but also adds to the appearance of an additional eye-catcher.

The screws can be utilized as a rule, for mounting fans, power supplies and othercomponents, if there is a corresponding thread.

Technical details:
Quantity: 4
Color: Green

EAN: 6900628107140

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