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Koolance QD3 No-Spill Quick-Lock, bulkhead male, 1/4 inch
Koolance QD3 No-Spill Quick-Lock, bulkhead male, 1/4 inch

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The QD series of quick-release fasteners from Koolance make it very simple and practical way with simple depressing a metal ring, interrupting the coolant circuit. This is particularly necessary where frequent hoses or about integrated water cooling components must be decoupled from the rest of the water cooling. The higher the name of the QD connectors, the more massive and bigger they are executed and are accordingly for larger tube diameters.

Consider, for example, to an external radiator, one wants to quickly and safely disconnect the PC from this transport to transport it separately. Or to a water cooling system component that can change frequently, either for experimentation (CPU, chipset cooler) or for regular upgrades (VGA cooler).

Two QD3-plated brass snap closures are connected with each other or separated (one male, one female) with Koolance valves has developed, which, as the name No-Spill reveals to ensure a certain freedom from leaks. It is to note that a wholly owned instant seal is not possible and can leak up to 0.2 ml of liquid.

This quick release in a new revision, the straight version in female with a G1 / 4-inch male thread represents and has a bulkhead for screwing to counterparts such as a housing.

Technical details:

     Size: 55 x 26 mm
     Material: Nickel-plated brass
     maximum pressure during operation: 28.5 psi
     QD3: female
     Connection: ¼ inch + Schott

EAN: 0829596909920

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