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Hailea Waterchiller HC2000 Ultra Titan 4000 (3300W CP)

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To estimate the required cooling performance here some non-binding estimates. The exact thermal emissions can be requested from the manufacturer of the hardware.

CPU: 80W (standard) to 150W (overclocked)
GPU: 20W (small cards) to 150W (current models such as 8800)
MB: 10 to 20W per component

The added values of your system must not exceed the given cooling capability of the chiller. This version is suitable for virtually any system! Even multiple system can be cooled depending on the configuration!

What aquarium size can be cooled with my water chiller?

Model / aquarium size in liters:
HC-130 / 50-100L
HC-150 / 50-200L
HC-250 / 100-300L
HC-300 / 100-400L
HC-500 / 200-800L
HC-1000 / 300-1000L
HC-2000 / 400-1500L

Please note:
This item cannot be shipped via Royal Mail or Normal Parcel Force Couriers, it has to be shipped on a Pallet, Shipping can take up to 7 days to arrive.

Notes regarding compatibility:
The chiller is shipped with fittings for tubing with an inner diameter of approx. 28 to 31mm). It is shipped with one pair of straight and one pair of 90° angled fittings. To use standard fittings an adaptor is needed. This adaptor is currently being developed.

Technical specifications:
Power: 2 HP
Cooling capacity: 3300W
Recommended coolant flow: 3000-6000 l/h
Weight: 47kg
Dimensions: 634x468x590mm (LxWxH)
Heat exchanger material: Titanium
max. compressive load: 0,8bar
Temperature adjustments: Digital read-out (precision 0,1°C), temperature setting in 1°C steps
current demand: 7 A (50 Hz)
current drain: 1610 W

Please note that this device required a 16A fuse in its loop. Should an additional device be connected to this fuse the fuse may be triggered.

Extent of delivery:

1x Waterchiller
4x Barbed fittings
2x Hose clamps
1x Outlet hose
English illustrated manual

Please note: The unit is not equipped with a power plug. We recommend an isolated ground connector

Note for first-time users:

If you should have problems with your chiller please contact us before returning the chiller to us. In most cases there is no actual problem with the chiller, but the functionality of the unit is not fully understood by the user yet. Please note the following: The compressor unit automatically switches itself on and off, if the temperature sensor is manipulated your warranty is void, the noise level or an allegedly not sufficient cooling performance are no reason for a reclamation. The chiller can only function properly if the cooling loop is equipped with a sufficiently powerful pump. If these facts are considered most reclamations can be avoided and you will greatly enjoy this product!

Note for aquarium-use:
The cooling performance is affected by the aquarium-lamp the reduced pump power due to filters and the thermal waste of the pump. We therefore recommend to order the ciller at least one power-lever higher that theoretically calculated

EAN: 4049469079727

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