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Edifier S730D Multimedia Signature Series System - Black

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Quality or quantity? In this price range, the question of larger number of speakers and surround sound vs. Stereo with even higher quality. Whichever is the better choice, decide the claim personal and area of ​​operation. Standing surround sound, for example, games or movie experience in the foreground, 5.1 sets the best choice. Who wants to listen to music at high quality, especially in games, powerful bass expected and may waive the exact location in space, will be happier with a 2.1 system.

The S730D is this one, if not THE ultimate solution dar. you can expect a heavy 32kg powerhouse with finest technology, excellent workmanship, very sturdy enclosure and a superior sound. The reserves are extremely high, but the real strength lies not in the gimmickry, but in a dignified and accurate sound.

After all bass provides the disadvantages of increasing air flow noise and distortion at high levels. The solution is a closed case. To compensate for the declining sound pressure, considerable design effort was: Sun donated two Edifier subwoofer passive membrane. These are driven only by the actual movements of the woofer and the resulting air compression in the housing. Result of the efforts is a dry, very low, very low distortion and powerful bass sound pressure yet.

Active subwoofer with 10-inch woofers and two passive
2-way satellite speaker from MDF
All speakers are magnetically shielded
Analog and digital (optical and coaxial) inputs
Cable remote control with 2.5 inch LCD display including dimmer function and headphone output
Wireless remote control
Bass, treble and subwoofer output adjustable separately
Volume "booster"

Output power: 150 watts (sub), 2x 75 watts (Sat)
Frequency range:
20-154 Hz (Sub)
166 Hz - 20,000 Hz (Sat)

EAN: 6923520000000

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