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Cougar LX600 80Plus Bronze power supply, modular - 600 Watt

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Cougar offers this with numerous gaming mice and keyboards a comprehensive portfolio for PC gamers with professional standards of, take care with stylish enclosures, quiet fans and efficient power supplies but also further to the needs of hobbyists. With the LX series Cougar is now back in the high-80 Plus Bronze Gaming PSUs.

The goal for the new LX series is very high: Cougar would simply offer the best 80 Plus Bronze Gaming PSU market. The result is convincing: With the three new LX models 500, 600 and 700 watts, the German-Taiwanese brand sets new standards and combines 80 Plus Bronze efficiency with high-end electronics including DC-DC technology, particularly low operating noise and vollmodularem cable management.

While other PSU brands rely on contract manufacturers plugged in Cougar LX own technology under the hood. The platform used already achieved in the US 115-volt power at least 85/82/82 percent efficiency at 50/20/100 percent utilization. In the European 230-volt power supply, the efficiency in the upper load range is about 2 percentage points higher, reaching the top just under 88 percent. The Cougar LX600 is therefore one sure to fuel efficient power supplies in its price. While reducing waste heat and thus cooling requirements.

Particularly proud of the engineers are not the usual in this class DC-DC technology, in which the voltages are generated independently. The voltage regulation is thus far more precise and excels even with asymmetrical loads (Loads Cross), which occur frequently in modern computers. The offered Cougar LX 600 watts may up to 49 amps (588 watts) are loaded on the + 12-volt line. the total rated power of modern CPUs and graphics cards available - Due to the modern construction of the circuit is therefore - unlike older circuit designs. High-quality 105 degree capacitors ensure a long life and superior reliability - backed by three years warranty.

Technical details:

    Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 140 mm (W x H x D)
    120mm fans (FDB bearings, automatic control)
    Black (power supply, fan)
    Efficiency: at least 85/82/82% at 50/20/100% load (115 volt input voltage; efficiency in the standard European 230 Volt is higher by up to 2 percentage points), 80 Plus Bronze certificate
    Active PFC
    Form Factor: ATX12V 2.4
    Power: 600 W
    + 3.3V: 24A
    + 5V: 20A
    + 3.3V & + 5V combined: 130 W
    + 12V: 588 W / 49 A
    -12V: 3.6 W / 0.3 A
    + 5Vsb: 15 W / 3 A
    Connectors (detachable):
    1x 20 + 4-pin ATX12V / EPS12V
    1x 4 + 4-pin ATX12V / EPS12V
    4x 6 + 2-pin PCIe
    6x SATA
    3x 4-pin Molex
    Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years

EAN: 4715302447588

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