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BitFenix 24-Pin ATX extension 30cm - sleeved black / red / black

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The compatibility of design and functionality is the essential claim of BitFenix​​. With the first-class Colossus and Survivor cases, the manufacturer was also the same, which is to be understood in practice less. Now BitFenix ​​expands its range of accessories and modding products of Alchemy series.
This includes an extremely wide range of ready gesleevter cable. Here are the data and power cables in many color versions to choose from, so individual design solutions are feasible. The main advantages over the handwritten sleeving the cables consist of guaranteed reliability, the clean look and high time savings.
Because a cable is accidentally mistaken, the power supply and the connected hardware irreparably destroyed with high security. And the warranty will be lost in this kind conversions anyway. In addition, the sleeving is very time consuming and only experienced modders achieves a uniform appearance.
The peculiarity of the BitFenix ​​cable consists firstly in the use of textile sleeve. This is much higher quality than the usual plastic versions, very tightly woven, completely opaque and soft. In addition, each cable is individually encased in a sleeve.
This is a 24-pin ATX extension cable with partly red and partly black sleeves and black plugs. It combines a corresponding 24-pin connector with a 24-pin connector. These are compatible with combined 20 +4 pin connectors, but not pure 20-pin.
To achieve the desired optical effect, it should first the normal ATX cable laid hidden and 2 The other cables are replaced in the case by BitFenix ​​corresponding versions in the same color.

Technical details:
Length: 300 mm
Material: Textile Sleeve
Color: Red, Black (sleeves), Black (connections)
1x 24-pin ATX connector
1x 24-pin ATX connector
Single Sleeves

EAN: 4716779444063

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