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Akasa AK-MX004 Tim Kit - CPU Cleaner

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In addition, the kit includes the Akasa AK-455-5G high performance thermal compound,which provides consistent and reliable thermal performance and has high thermal conductivity of 2.4 W / mK. The paste can be - especially with the supplied pad - handle very well. The optimized consistency is the application of very simple and ensures optimal heat transfer between the CPU and heatsink. The scope is between -50 ° C and 200 ° C degrees. The paste is electrically nonconductive.

Technical Details (paste):
Contents: 5 g
Viscosity: 76 CPS
Thermal conductivity: 2.4 W / mK
Thermal Resistance: <0.087 cm2 C / W
Application range: -50 ° C to 200 ° C.

Technical details (cleaning liquid):
on citrus-based liquid solution
Color: clear / transparent

EAN: 4710614529137

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